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Seal Selection Materials - Plastic Faced Seals

The following tables are designed as a guide to the correct selection of the sealing element and energiser materials for your particular application. The sealing element is dynamic making it's mechanical properties the priority in selection. More detailed capabilities relevent to individual seal types are given within the catalogue.
The static energisers are rubber based compounds therefore fluid compatibility and temperature range are the main criteria for selection.

Materials For Sealing Element

Material suffix Description Colour Material Properties & Application
B Bronze PTFE Brown Very high mechanical duties.
Good compressive stregth for oil hydraulics.
(Standard Material for styles CS5, 841, 851, CS6, 751 & 741)
C Carbon PTFE Black Modern mechanical duties.
Generally for pneumatic applications and water based fluids (Not Seawater). For soft mating surfaces and unlubricated conditions.
G Glass PTFE Black High mecanical duties.
For water and oil hydraulics, pneumatics and unlubricated applications.
V Virgin PTFE White Light mechanical duties.
For anti-extrusion rings and pressure seals. Low friction and almost totaly inert. Suitable for good and potable water applications. (NWC approved)
Standard material for anti-extrusion rings, CS1, CS2, CS4.
VM Modified PTFE Blue Medium mechanical duties.
Much lower wear rate than Virgin PTFE.
Very good chemical resistance.
Standard material for styles 931, 941, 951.
UH UHMWPE Off White Medium mechanical duties.
For water and oil hydraulics, pneumatics, and unlubricated applications. Lower temperature and speed range than PTFE but very good abrasion resistance. Suitable for soft mating surfaces.

Material For Energiser

Compound Temp Range
(Intermitant) °C
Recommended For NOT Recommended For
NBR Nitrile
(Standard Material)
-40 to +120 Petroleum based oils and fluids, cold water, Silicone greases and oils, ethylene glycol based fluids, Di-ester based lubriciants. Automotive brake fluid, Phosphate ester fluids.
EPM, EPDM Ethylene Propylene -50 to +150 Phosphate ester based fluids, Automotive brake fluid, Water, Steam. Petroleum based oils and fluids, Di-ester based lubricants.
IRR Butyl -40 to +150 Phosphate ester fluids, Silicone greases and fluids. Petroleum based oils and fluids, Di-ester based lubricants.
FKM Flurocarbon -50 to +200 Petroleum oils, Di-ester based lubricants, Silicone greases & fluids, Certain phosphate ester fluids. Skydrol Fluids, Low molecular weight esters & ethers.
Si Silicone -90 to +240 High analine point oils, Chlorinated di-phenyls, Dry heat. Most petroleum based fluids, Water and steam.
Note : If Energiser Materials Other than Nitrile Are Required, Consult CLARON For Part Number.

Storage :

Deterioration of rubber products will be minimised if stored in accordance with BS 3574:1989 P.T.F.E. is regarded as having no restrictions in terms of shelf life.

Compound Suitability For Hydraulic Fluids

Continuous Operating Temp. °C with Seal Materials
DIN Class ISO Class Type Description NBR FKM AU EPDM POM PTFE PA
H HH Mineral Fluid Mineral oil without additives 100 150 100 NS 100 200 120
H-L HL Mineral Fluid with ant-corrosion and anti-ageing additives 100 150 100 NS 100 200 120
H-LP HM As HL plus additives reducing wear, and raising load capacity 100 150 100 NS 100 200 120
H-LPD - As H-LP but with detergents and dispersants 100 150 100 NS 100 200 120
H-V HV As H-LP but with improved viscosity temperature behaviour 100 150 100 NS 100 200 120
HFA E Flame Retardent with Water Emulsions of mineral oil in water.
Water content 80-95%
55 60 40 NS 55 55 55
HFA S Synthetic oil in water.
Water content 80-95%
55 60 40 NS 55 55 55
HFB Emulsions of water in mineral oil.
Water content 40%
60 60 40 NS 60 60 60
HFC Aqueous polymer solutions.
Water content 35%
60 60 NS 60 60 60 60
HFD R Flame Retardent without Water Phosphoric acid ester based NS 150 NS 120 80 150 80
HFD S Chlorinated hydrocarbon based NS 150 NS 120 80 150 80
HFD T Mixtures of HFD R and HFD S NS 150 NS 120 80 150 80
HEPG Biodegradable Polyglycol based NS 100 NS 120 80 150 80
HETG Vegetable Oil besed 60 60 60 NS 60 60 60
HEES Fully synthetic ester based NS 100 60 NS 100 100 100
NS = Not Suitable
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