Twinlip AU medium to heavy duty rod wiper.

- Design -

Designed to preclude the ingress of contaminents into the system as well as assist in sealing the Rod. Produced in Polyurethane, the wiper is designed to fit into closed housings with pre-loading of the static face providing stability and sealing. The wiper is profiled such that the lip facing the media collects fluid passing the rod seal. The use of Polyurethane with it's excellent properties combined with the proportioned design of the wiper will extend the service life of the rod seal.Claron Wiper Seals Style PWD should not be utilised in combination with double-acting Rod seals unless the housing design allows for pressure relief between the wiper and the seal.

- Operating Conditions -

Maximum Pressure

Temp. Range
-40°C to 110°C
Max Linear Speed m/s
These range perameters are Maximum simultaneous conditions.
Optimum service conditions are affected by temperature, speed, pressure, surface finish and extrusion gaps.

- Housing -

For surface finish and recommended lead in chamfers refer to the illustration below. For housing dimensions and machining tolerances refer to the catalogue page of selected seal.
Style PWD may be deformed and fitted into a closed groove.

- Fitting -

For the wiper to function correctly, it is important that care be taken in fitting the wiper within its housing. For details refer to Seal Installation.

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