Double acting NBR piston seal for one piece pistons, incorporating Hytrel anti-extrusion rings & POM bearing rings.

- Design -

Claron Style DPDS double acting piston seal is a 5 piece assembly consisting of a Nitrile Rubber sealing element supported by 2 thermoplastic elastomer headers with Acetal anti-extrusion bearing rings on the O.D. The complete assembly forms a highly robust sealing unit for use in high pressure applications where shock loads and pressure spikes are present. This seal is widely used in the mobile plant industry.

- Operating Conditions -

Maximum Pressure

Max Speed
Temp. Range
-30°C to 100°C
325 Bar
600 Bar
These range perameters are Maximum simultaneous conditions.
Optimum service conditions are affected by temperature, speed, pressure, surface finish and extrusion gaps.

- Housing -

For surface finish and recommended lead in chamfers refer the illustration below. For housing dimensions and machining tolerances refer to the table of recommended sizes and Tolerance Tables for value of tolerence symbols

- Fitting -

Style DPDS is designed to be fitted onto a split piston as shown in the illustration below.
The seal can be supplied split to ease fitting if required. For the seal to function correctly, it is important that care be taken in fitting the seal within its housing. For details refer to Seal Installation.

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