Single acting NBR rod seal with rubberised fabric reinforcement & clip on POM anti-extrusion ring.

- Design -

Claron Style CPI is designed for use as a single acting rod seal. The seal is a precision moulded Nitrile rubber sealing element with a fabric reinforced base and an acetal back up ring to resist extrusion. The acetal back up ring allows larger clearances and higher pressures. Designed with initial radial interference to effect low pressure sealing, at higher pressures the seal is progressively energised thus increasing the sealing force. Rubberised fabric has the advantage of retaining fluid within its surface so reducing both friction and wear. Style CP is produced with radial grooves incorporated into the top of the seal on the pressure side. This innovative design ensures a rapid energisation of the seal without excessive end float and resultant wear.

- Operating Conditions -

Maximum Pressure

Max Speed
Temp. Range
-30°C to 100°C
250 Bar
400 Bar
These range perameters are Maximum simultaneous conditions.
Optimum service conditions are affected by temperature, speed, pressure, surface finish and extrusion gaps.

Note: Clearance gap F is the maximum permissable. i.e. gap completely on one side, in the temperature range of -30°C to 100°C.
The use of a suitably selected Claron bearing ring will effectively reduce the clearance gap F max. to a value closer to F/2 thus increasing the pressure capability of the seal.

- Housing -

For surface finish and recommended lead in chamfers refer the illustration below. For housing dimensions and machining tolerances refer to the table of recommended sizes and Tolerance Tables for value of tolerence symbols

- Fitting -

For the seal to function correctly, it is important that care be taken in fitting the seal within its housing. For details refer to Seal Installation.

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