Single acting U-Section AU rod seal with NBR energiser, MoS2 filled PA anti-extrusion rings, & secondary sealing lip.

- Design -

The seal is an asymmetric Polyurethane U-seal incorporating an NBR energiser pre-loading the seal lips thus improving sealing at low pressures. The secondary sealing lip assists sealing, reduces friction and helps to protect the main lip from damage caused by dirt ingression. The Anti-extrusion ring which is energised at high pressures increases the maximum working pressure as well as protecting the seal against pressure spikes caused by shock loads. Polyurethane exhibits outstanding abrasion and wear resistance ensuring that the seal operates in the most arduous conditions.

- Operating Conditions -

Maximum Pressure

Max Speed
Temp. Range
Temp. Range
-40°C to 80°C
-40°C to 110°C
350 Bar
300 Bar
500 Bar
450 Bar
These range perameters are Maximum simultaneous conditions.
Optimum service conditions are affected by temperature, speed, pressure, surface finish and extrusion gaps.

Note: Clearance gap F is the maximum permissable. i.e. gap completely on one side, in the temperature range of -30°C to 80°C
The use of a suitably selected Claron bearing ring will effectively reduce the clearance gap F max. to a value closer to F/2 thus increasing the pressure capability of the seal.

- Housing -

For surface finish and recommended lead in chamfers refer the illustration below. For housing dimensions and machining tolerances refer to the table of recommended sizes and Tolerance Tables for value of tolerence symbols

- Fitting -

For the seal to function correctly, it is important that care be taken in fitting the seal within its housing. For details refer to Seal Installation.

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