The Claron Group of companies is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality hydraulic and pneumatic sealing products, marketing a range of seals under the "Polyseal" trade name.
Based in the UK, it has expanded rapidly since it's formation in 1973 and since 1985 has continued to develop modern manufacturing plants in both the West Midlands and South Devon.

A high level of expertise in the manufacture of rubber and plastics products anables the group to co-ordinate the design and manufacture of high quality seals using many specialist materials. Various combinations of rubber/fabric, polyethane's, PTFE Compounds, TPE, POM, UHMWPE, VESPEL, PEEK and Phenolic along with other high performance materials enables the Group to offer an extremely comprehensive range of sealing products.

The expansive knowledge of modern materials necessary for the production of the "Polyseal" range of products and the further development of specialist processing methods also provide the facilities for the complementary ranges of products and customer related services. Claron is the UK's largest manufacturer of stock shapes based on PTFE compounds specifically developed for sealing systems. The quality of this range of products has gained the approval and widespread use of many diverse industries whether supplied as PTFE semi-finished products or machined components.
The trend towards the supply of quality seal kits, packaged to meet the requirements of both production and aftermarket sales is also uniquely accommodated by the Group, being ideally suited to the many diverse methods of manufacture available.
Claron is not only a market leader but unique within the UK for the range of products manufactured. With the exception of rubber O-Ring production all the products shown in this catalogue are manufactured by Claron within the UK, utilizing modern in-house plant and stringent quality procedures to ISO Standards.

The Group is uniquely equipped to meet the demands of today's sealing technology and a continuing policy of product development with a commitment to quality and excellence ensures that the Group will continue to be capable of meeting the future demands of the Hydraulics and Pneumatic industries with products at the forefront of technology.

The Claron Group operate a quality management system, accredited through the BSI, to the BS EN ISO 9001; 2008 standard.

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